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Sedation Dentistry

We Are The Place for Self-Identified Scaredy-Cats!

“Dr. Bullard’s sedation dentistry, for scaredy-cats like me, is just wonderful! I had a tooth pulled and prepped for implant, bone graft etc. I didn’t feel a thing and don’t remember a thing. Sedation not for everybody but for me, it’s well worth it.”

We are sensitive to patients that have dental anxiety or dental phobias. In fact, everything we do in our office is meant to alleviate worry and anxiety. We aim to find the root of your fear and offer gentle, kind, understanding support.

If you’re anxious about

Our promise to you


Dr. Bullard offers patients three levels of sedation to make you 100% comfortable.

Past dental experience

We will welcome you by name when you walk in. We offer all the extras in the waiting room: coffee bar, water and reading material. Your dental chair will even give you a massage to help relieve the tension. Headphones and TV are available to help keep your mind off your procedure.

Feelings of helplessness and vulnerability

Dr. Bullard and his team will never do something you don’t expect. They walk you through each step of your appointment, answer all your questions, and also discuss what they are doing — as they do it.


We are a 100% shame-free, guilt-free, and judgment-free office. Everyone is on their own path in life and we are simply glad we are here for you now.

Dentistry without anxiety

Bullard Dental is proud to offer you three levels of sedation for your comfort!

I’m Interested in Sedation

Say goodnight to nervousness

Sedation dentistry has gained popularity in recent years. Much like use of sedation for procedures like MRI or colonoscopy, sedation dentistry can reduce anxiety and make the experience more comfortable. With a choice of three sedation levels at Bullard Dental, you can choose the best fit for your level of anxiety.

Option 1: Nitrous Oxide

Breathe in, breathe out, let go

Nitrous oxide is an invisible and odorless gas. Dr. Bullard simply places a mask over your nose and mouth and you take some deep breaths. The combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen are pumped through the mask. You will start to feel slightly giggly and then relaxed. According to the American Dental Association, nitrous is the most widely used form of gaseous anesthetic in the world.

What patients like about nitrous oxide sedation

  • Fast-acting
  • Still awake and responsive
  • Takes the edge off
  • Can be eliminated from the system quickly
  • You can drive yourself to and from the appointment

Option 2: Oral Sedation

Dreamlike dentistry

The second level of sedation is referred to as oral sedation. Prior to your procedure, Dr. Bullard will prescribe you pills to take orally. The prescriptions are typically Benzodiazepines (Benzos) like Valium or Halcion. These types of drugs are ideal as they are fast-acting and you will not remember the details of the procedure afterward. You will not remember smells or sounds. You will, however, be awake enough to respond to and follow basic commands.

Benefits of oral sedation

  • Ease of use (you only have to take a pill)
  • It’s effective
  • No need for shots or IVs
  • Dr. Bullard can complete more dental work in a single appointment

Option 3: IV Sedation

Sweet dreams, healthy smiles

IV sedation refers to the administration of the anti-anxiety medication intravenously rather than taking a pill or breathing through a mask. During IV sedation, you remain awake enough to follow basic instructions, but will likely not remember much of the procedure afterward. IV sedation may require fasting–we will go over pre- and post-procedure instructions with you. You will also need someone you trust to drive you to and from your appointment–that’s the one thing we insist on! It would be best if someone stays with you for an hour or two after you got home if possible. The safety of our patients is always the most important thing for us.


You are not alone if you are nervous about the dentist. Heck, even dental professionals get nervous before having work done! But, with sedation dentistry options, we can manage your anxiety while getting your mouth healthy. The best way to prevent more intense sedation is to keep up on regular appointments. The healthier we can keep your mouth, the less extensive procedures will be. Your comfort is our focus. If you have questions about the three levels of sedation, don’t hesitate to call our office. Or, we are happy to schedule a consultation to walk through which type of sedation would be the best fit for you.

One of our sedation patients had this to say of her experience:
“Thank you, Dr. Bullard and staff, for making what would be an unpleasant situation into a much easier experience.”


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